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Individual Courses

At UFLY VI, we offer multiple individual courses which includes Private Pilot, Instrument rating, Commercial Pilot License, Certified Flight Instructor, and Certified Flight Instructor Instrument


Private Pilot License ( PPL )

A private pilot license (PPL) is a certification that allows an individual to act as the pilot-in-command of an aircraft for non-commercial purposes.


Instrument Rating ( IFR )

An instrument flight rules (IFR) certificate permits a pilot to fly an aircraft solely by reference to instruments in the cockpit under instrument meteorological conditions.

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Commercial Pilot License ( CPL )

A commercial pilot license (CPL) allows a pilot to be compensated for their services and operate as a pilot-in-command of an aircraft in commercial aviation.


Certified Flight Instructor ( CFI )

A certified flight instructor (CFI) certification allows a pilot to instruct student pilots and provide flight training for various pilot certificates and ratings.

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Certified Flight Instructor Instrument ( CFII )

A certified flight instructor - instrument (CFII) certification allows a pilot to provide instruction for instrument rating, teaching students to fly solely by reference to instruments.

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Flight Review & IPC

A flight review is a mandatory biennial assessment required for pilots to ensure they maintain their flying skills and knowledge, while an instrument proficiency check (IPC) is a review required for instrument-rated pilots to ensure they can safely operate under instrument flight rules.

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