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Time Frame

At Ufly VI, we can help you stop dreaming and start flying today! Our Private Pilot (PPL) program can be completed in as quick as 2 months!

Training Requirements

Must be 16yrs old to solo

Must be 17yrs old to to get license

Able to read, speak, and write English

Able to obtain a 3rd Class Medical


A Private Pilot License (PPL) opens the door to endless adventures and serves as the foundational step for pursuing a career in aviation, with the certification lasting a lifetime.

Getting Started

To start, we encourage you to schedule a Discover Flight. This will allow you to be in control of the aircraft for the first time!


We have a growing fleet of new and modern aircrafts available. We allow you, the student, to choose the one that best for you!


At Ufly VI, we work based off of your schedule! If you do sign up for our accelerated program, you will be on the schedule up to 5 days a week to ensure goals are met in a timely manner.


Ready to start?

Click here to sign up!

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