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UFLY VI's mission is to deliver an excellent flight training experience that meets your flying goals.  From the very first flight to advanced pilot training, UFLY VI can meet your flying needs. 

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Our discovery flight is an introductory flight lesson that will give you the opportunity to actually fly the airplane and feel what it's like being an actual pilot.  You and one of our FAA instructors will spend about an hour together covering the basics and then you will take control of the plane to decide if you would like to continue training. 

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The Private Pilots license is the first license for the aspiring career minded or recreational pilot. During UFLY VI's Private Pilot Program, you will learn the fundamentals of flight training which will range from 20-30 hours of flight time. The fundamentals will include principles of flight, flight terminology, radio and communications, weather, and basic flight maneuvers for take-offs and landings. Next you will learn advanced flight training techniques which will range from about 10-15 hours of flight time. This stage is designed to improve your flight skills and prepare you for your first solo flight. The last stage will include examination and testing which will range from 10-15 hours of flight time. During this stage you will complete all solo flights and any final requirements for FAA oral and flight exam. 

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Learning how to fly in clouds and inclement weather is essential to becoming a safer pilot.  With ULY VI's Instrument training, you will learn how to safely fly the aircraft without relying on visual cues outside the aircraft; Instead, only referencing the aircraft's avionics, radios, communication and navigation equipment.    

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Are you ready to take your passion for flying to the next level? Our commercial flight training program is the perfect opportunity to turn your dreams into reality. Our comprehensive sessions cover everything from basic maneuvers to advanced techniques. This certificate earns you the ability to be paid to fly a single-engine aircraft. Get ready to soar to new heights and embark on an exciting career in aviation! 

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To be considered for hire after obtaining your commercial rating, we strongly recommend becoming a Certified Flight Instructor so you can build flight hours while teaching others how to fly.  Sharing what you've learned with your students is one of the most rewarding jobs in the industry.  

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