What is it like? 

Here at UFLYVI, we offer our students top of the line flight instruction from our highly experienced staff of flight instructors. 

While every student’s schedule will look a little different, and schedules will change for each license and rating, students can expect to fly at least three times each week (weather permitting).  Briefings will be held with a student’s CFI before and after each flight.  Ground training sessions will be held several times a week, with an increase in sessions at both the start and completion of a new license or rating. Students will also have access to our flight instruction manuals, books and webinars for extra at home training. 

Outside official class time, students will have access to their CFIs during their office hours for one-on-one conversations.  In addition to official training, UFLY students will be invited to attend professional and leadership development workshops several times throughout the year.  They’ll also have opportunities to engage in community outreach and volunteer opportunities, reflecting the corporate values they’ll experience as a member of the UFLYVI Family.


Our Planes

Photo Feb 11, 4 20 45 PM_edited.jpg

1981 Piper Warrior 2 (PA-28-161)

Photo Feb 09, 7 03 15 AM.jpg

Cessna 172 D Model 1963 

Students will have the opportunity to build flight hours with our outstanding planes.  Both our Piper Warrior and Cessna 172 are maintained to the highest standards to ensure safety. 

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